Limited Supply of Rare Coins

This existing supply of rare coins is consistently being reduced as collectors and investors buy more‚ hold them longer and take them off the market. It has been estimated that there is some 100‚000‚000 coin collectors and/or investors worldwide. Since there will be no more new rare coins available for these new collectors and/or investors‚ prices should continue to rise to meet the increased demand.  This is a basic supply and demand fundamental.

Buying and Selling Rare Coins

Dramatic and sudden price shifts with truly rare and popular rare coins has not really happened or at least there is no history of that. This is partially due to the huge collector base. There is an estimated 35‚000‚000 and new ones entering the market all the time, that create a steady‚ consistent demand for the coin market. Since a collector/investor takes physical possession of his or her coins‚ there are none of the destabilizing forces that exist in other markets.