Diamond & Gemstone Shapes

Gemstone Shapes
Cutting diamonds and gems is a process of turning rough, unpolished stones into gemstones as we know them. Cutting gives the stones a specific shape and enables the true color and brilliance of the gem to emerge. Gem cutters generally need over two years of experience to be considered professionals, and it takes many factors to decide which cut would work best for a given rough stone to best hide its imperfections and to bring out its best qualities. Below are some of the popular cuts and shapes that we find on the market.

Round Cut Diamonds & Gemstones

Round Cut 

Radiant Cut Diamonds & Gemstones

Cushion Cut

Asscher  Cut

Princess Cut

Baguette Cut Diamonds & Gemstones

Baguette Cut

Marquise Cut

Oval Cut

Pear Cut

Emerald Shape Cut

Emerald Cut 

Radiant Style Cut

Radiant Cut Long Style

Radiant Style Cut

Radiant Cut Square Style

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Heart Shaped Cut

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