Emerald Cut vs Radiant Cut

Emerald Cut vs Radiant Cut

Emerald cut stones and elongated radiant cut stones have a similar look in that they are both a long rectangular shape with parallel sides. They also have beveled, or cut corners which will make them more durable and less prone to chipping. They are both fancy shape diamonds that have their own unique faceting style which is also the major reason why they look so different.

Radiant Cut diamonds have a great deal more sparkle and the triangular facets are arranged in a brilliant cut style. Radiant cuts take on the vivid fire and brilliance of a Round Brilliant diamond or stone but in a square or rectangle shape with cut corners. Because of this faceting style it does show more concentration of color while making the most of inclusions, this is the opposite when compared to the emerald cut diamonds or stones. This beautiful fancy shape is popular because it definitely speaks for itself with its dazzling appeal and modern feel. This shape is suited for someone who prefers a more linear shape while maintaining the wow factor of a brilliant cut.

Emerald Cut diamonds and stones are typically found in more classic and traditional style settings, such as three stone designs with tapered baguette side diamonds. Other side-stone possibilities include tapered bullets, step cut trapezoids or even a matching pair of emerald cuts.

Radiant cut diamonds and stones look great in nearly any setting design you can think of from classic three-stone designs with trapezoid or trillion cut side stones to any micro-pave halo or non-halo style you can think of.  While not as popular as a cushion cut, many people find this shape to provide even greater sparkle and consider it a great alternative for someone seeking a more unique appearance.

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