Gold Selling & Buying, In San Antonio

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Having gold in any quantity or quality is a good investment as long as you educate yourself on how to sell gold effectively. With the right amount of knowledge and patience, anyone can turn gold into cash. Research is what helps first time gold sellers avoid costly mistakes that may affect the amount you receive when selling your gold. To sell gold effectively you will need to first determine what you have.  At San Pedro Jewelry and Watch Repair, we can offer you a free professional opinion on what you have to sell.

It is helpful to determine the karat of your item to sell gold jewelry. The karat stamp is normally stenciled in on the item in plain sight on the inside of a ring or end of a chain. If you cannot locate a karat stamp on your item then that does not mean that your item is not gold. Some custom made jewelry will not be stamped and in some cases older jewelry’s karat stamp can wear off over time.